Relocating LPTV skins a lot of elbows


The FCC is allowing KSFV-LP, San Fernando Valley, CA to relocate from Channel 26 to Channel 6, a move which has elicited howls of protest from radio and television broadcasters in the US and Mexico. But the howlers may as well bay at the moon for all the good their protest have done. College station KUSC-FM feared interference from the LPTV’s proposed new antenna location, but the station altered its CP request to eliminate that concern to the FCC’s satisfaction. Tribune’s KTLA-TV 5 protested that it would knock out most of the LPTV’s coverage area, but the FCC said while KSFV would not be allowed to interfere with KTLA, there is nothing preventing it from accepting KTLA’s interference to its own facility. NPR did not like the Channel 6 proximity to the reserved FM band and pointed out that its presence there may prevent future facility modifications for noncommercial radio stations; the FCC countered that you can protest interference, but not potential future interference that may never come to pass. And Mexico’s Radio Television S.A. de C.V. protested potential interference, which the FCC brushed aside because terrain between San Fernando and Tijuana would prevent any interference from occurring.

RBR/TVBR observation: This issue has been kicking around since 2/5/04. The needs of LPTVs have just about the lowest FCC priority of any type of facility, so it must be very gratifying for this station to prevail against so much opposition.