Rentrak Still Working Toward Accreditation


RentrakThe process began in 2011. The initial audit began in 2014 and just concluded. And at the end of the day, relatively new ratings firm Rentrak has a ways to go to earn accreditation from the Media Ratings Council Inc.

The specific services that were on the bubble were TV Essentials and StationView Essentials.

MRC stated, “This initial audit … concluded that the products were not sufficiently compliant with MRC’s Standards. Therefore, at this time Rentrak was not accredited and our work with Rentrak is ongoing.”

Rentrak should not be disheartened, noted MRC. “It is not unusual for a complex rating service to not pass the initial audit and have the need to make improvements.”

Rentrak is already at work on remediation with MRC input and is looking forward to another audit as soon as possible. Both Rentrak and MRC believe it can be initiated before year’s end.

MRC concluded, “We appreciate Rentrak’s commitment to achieve accreditation fo the Products, and we thank Rentrak for its efforts thus far to achieve compliance with the MRC Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research…”