Rep touts broadcast role in homeland security


U.S. CongressHansen Clark (D-MI) believes that broadcasters play a vital role in providing critical information to citizens of the United States, and he’s asking the House Committee on Homeland Security to hold a hearing on the topic with an eye to protecting the service.

Clarke wants to make sure television broadcasters are not damaged via incentive auctions designed to put spectrum in the hands of wireless broadband suppliers; and he wants to look at requiring FM chips in mobile devices.

His letter went to the committee’s Chairman Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) and Ranking Member Laura Richardson (D-CA).

“A hearing will highlight critical opportunities for protecting and strengthening our emergency communications capabilities,” wrote Clarke.

He said it was essential to assure that television broadcasters do not lose any coverage area “…so that they may continue to provide emergency information and news to the local community.”

“Additionally,” he said, “the use of broadcast radio chips in mobile devices is important to emergency communications and response. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is critical in times of emergency.” He said the FM chips will bring fast and reliable information to citizens.