Repack Acts Bring Renewed Vigor To RFS


Thanks to the post-Spectrum Auction repack process presently underway for TV stations across the U.S., Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is in the midst of strong growth.

One product is driving this success.

The designer and manufacturer of cable, RF systems, antenna and tower systems has an elliptically polarized broadband antenna that’s gaining the attention of broadcasters.

RFS’s Elliptical Wideband Slot antenna aims to address anticipated challenges in the next repack phases. The antenna is designed for full band operation, featuring a constant 25% or 30% elliptical polarization on all channels.

As challenges mount over main antennas being ready for repack deadlines, RFS believes it can offer an interim antenna solution that will solve problems faced by broadcasters over the next 12 months. Further, the structure could eventually serve as a permanent auxiliary antenna.

“Later phases of the repack are working within very narrow timeframes that will push the equipment manufacture industry more than ever before,” sad RFS Director of Sales/Broadcast Eddy Vanderkerken. “Broadcasting equipment has always relied on made to spec equipment that brings with it a long lead time that isn’t necessarily suited to the industry’s current need. By creating an off the shelf solution that can be adapted depending on broadcasters need and delivered quickly, we hope to ensure the repack continues to go off without a hitch.”