Repack Regional Coordinators Finalized By FCC


The Incentive Auction Task Force and Media Bureau have finalized the assignment of Regional Coordinators to support broadcast television stations moving to new channel assignments in the post-incentive auction transition period.

To enhance its ability to closely monitor the progress of the repack and to facilitate coordination among stations, each station that will transition to a new channel has been grouped into one of 10 geographically-based regions.

Each region has a dedicated Bureau staff member as a Regional Coordinator.

Regional Coordinators will act as a first point of contact at the Commission for stations and, with the support of other Bureau staff and other Commission bureaus and offices, will assist in resolving issues and challenges that stations in the region encounter as a result of the transition.

In the coming days, the Regional Coordinators will contact the stations in their assigned regions by email to introduce themselves, and begin the process of coordination with stations in the region.

Regional Coordinators will communicate throughout the transition period with stations regarding process, will respond to inquiries from, and otherwise work closely with stations to help facilitate the phased transition schedule and aid stations in satisfying their construction permit deadlines.

Some 987 television stations across the country will transition to new channel assignments. The stations have a 39-month post-auction transition period to do so; that will end on July 13, 2020.


As shown above, 10 geographic regions have been created.

Full details on regional coordinator assignments are available here:
Click here to download the entire FCC Public Notice