Reply to the Congresswoman


This leader has a message for Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who fears returning broadcasters to 1970s-era regulations.

If RBR would recall, during the 1995 Senate deregulation hearings, the NAB portrayed radio as a sinking industry with the majority of stations operating in the red.  The solution was to turn over all the stations to the investment bankers who would step in and save our troubled industry.  The case was also made that radio owners had to cluster their stations so they would have a fighting chance against newspapers.  

So, I suppose that’s where Blackburn came up with her theory.  As erroneous as her theory might be, it certainly isn’t any worse than the theory that investment bankers, backed by the geniuses who operate radio groups, would save radio.   On the other hand, the plan (unfortunately) has put radio on an even playing field with the newspapers. . . .

Fran Maze

FM Consultants