Report Shows Cable and ADS Trending Down


Television2TVB is reporting that in February of 2016 National Wired Cable penetration dropped to 55.7% while ADS went down to 30.0% and Broadcast Only increased to 11.6%. (Nielsen includes telco – FiOS and U-Verse – homes in its reported wired cable penetration figures.)

For cable (including telco), this follows the trend of a continuing slide from its peak of 70% back in the period 1998 to 2002. Similarly, Total ADS has shown gradual shrinkage from its high point of 30% in July, 2014.

As for local TV, TVB reported, “Broadcast television has the potential to reach 100% of television homes. A significant number of television households are missed if you’re buying local cable because local cable commercials may not be seen in ADS homes.  Many markets exceed the national ADS average. It is even more important for advertisers in these markets to consider the ADS factor.”