Reps Band Together as Gen Media Partners


Deal-1McGavren Guild President/CEO Kevin Garrity will lead a combined force of sales experts from his company along with Local Focus, Commercial Media Sales, HRN Radio Network and MG Malls. They will remain as individual companies while combining their strengths.

Gen Media will be able to offer clients a platform of more than 1,000 radio stations in 330 markets. Coverage of the US will be just shy of 100%. In addition, outdoor, malls, audio, digital, social, experiential, and events are in the mix of possibilities.

“The altering marketplace doesn’t allow for stagnation,” stated Garrity.  “We are differentiating Gen Media Partners by proactively seeking new prospects for business development and by meeting the needs of advertisers with innovative solutions that deliver more revenue to our radio clients’ bottom line.  The days of repackaging existing avails for share and calling that new business are over.

“At Gen Media Partners we can multiply the impact of each individual company’s advertising relationships and reach across traditional media sales boundaries to bring new advertisers to radio.  We are initiating these conversations by leveraging all of the assets we represent — radio, digital, events, concerts, and more – to take full advantage of every opportunity for revenue-generation,” Garrity continued.  “Our ability to expand to even more complementary platforms is essential for fueling new business and for increasing the value of our radio partnerships.”