Republicans closed the gap in Q4 2007


At the end of Q3 2007, Republican presidential candidates were 65.9M behind their Democratic counterparts in the total fund-raising race, with a total take of 175.1M compared to 241.0M on the other side. By the end of Q4, there was still a significant gap between the two parties, but the Republicans managed to close the difference to within 52.6M, according to data just released by the Federal Election Commission.
Hillary Clinton (D-NY) remained at the front of the pack with 115.6M, ahead of Barack Obama (D-IL), who had bankrolled 102.2M so far. John Edwards (D-NC), who joined the majority of one-time candidates on the sidelines last week, was a distant third with 43.9M.

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney (R-MA) has amassed 88.5M thus far (much of it — we hear well over 30M — on loan from himself), besting the recently departed Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) with 60.9M and third place John McCain (R-AZ) with 41.1M. Despite his lower ranking on the fund-raising chart, most observers are awarding the former Commerce Committee Chairman the front-runner label these days after back-to-back victories in South Carolina and Florida.

The heat-seeker remains Ron Paul (R-TX), who more than tripled his income during Q4, although to no apparent avail in terms of votes cast nor poll preferences cited.

Presidential Candidate Fundraising
Democrats  3/31/07  6/30/07 9/30/2007 12/31/2007
Clinton (D-NY) $36.0M $62.5M $89.0M $115.6M
Obama (D-IL) $25.7M $58.6M $79.4M $102.2M
*Edwards (D-NC) $14.0M $23.0M $30.1M $43.9M
*Richardson (D-NM) $6.2M $13.2M $18.5M $23.6M
*Dodd (D-CT) $8.8M $12.1M $13.6M $16.5M
*Biden (D-DE) $4.0M $6.4M $8.1M $11.3M
*Kucinich (D-OH) $0.4M $1.1M $2.1M $3.9M
Gravel (D-AK) $0.1M $0.2M $0.2M $0.4M
Dem. Total $95.2M $177.2M $241.0M $317.3M
Republicans 3/31/2007 6/30/2007 9/30/2007 12/31/2007
Romney (R-MA) $23.1M $43.5M $61.6M $88.5M
*Giuliani (R-NY) $18.0M $35.4M $46.7M $60.9M
McCain (R-AZ) $14.7M $25.9M $31.4M $41.1M
Paul (R-TX) $0.6M $3.0M $8.2M $28.1M
*FThompson (R-TN) n/a n/a $12.7M $21.6M
Huckabee (R-AR) $0.5M $1.3M $2.3M $9.0M
*Tancredo (R-CO) $1.3M $2.8M $3.5M $6.2M
*Brownback (R-KS) $1.8M $3.3M $4.1M $4.2M
*Hunter (R-CA) $0.5M $1.3M $1.9M $2.5M
*T.Thompson (R-WI) $0.4M $0.9M $1.1M $1.2M
*Cox (R-IL) $0.8M $0.9M $1.0M $1.1M
*Gilmore (R-VA) $0.2M $0.4M $0.4M $0.4M
Rep. Total $62.0M $118.7M $175.1M $264.7M

Source: Federal Election Commission
* no longer an active candidate