Republicans gearing up for intramural 2014 competition


Political Advertising
Karl Rove announced earlier that his American Crossroads would be forming a new unit designed to promote electable Republican candidates for the 2014 season. Now PAC Tea Party Patriots is stepping forward to meet Rove’s challenge.

According to the Hill, TPP’s Jenny Beth Martin specifically mentioned the apparent challenge, and said her organization was going to “…rise to the challenge.”

It’s called the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. It plans to be active at both the Senate and House of Representatives level and is actively engaging with funding sources, discussing what it wants to do and what other wings of the party do not seem to be doing.

Rove’s PAC is the Conservative Victory Project, which is seeking to promote the candidacies of conservative candidates who have good prospects of winning an election. It is widely seen as a reaction to mistake-prone Republican senatorial candidates in Indiana and Missouri.

Martin underscored that the TPPCF is not specifically being formed to answer CVP. It will support conservative candidates, even if they are running under the banner of a third party.

RBR-TVBR observation: There is one thing better than an election year, and that’s an election year with a robust primary season. They are a normal part of the presidential election, but are not so much a normal part of the congressionals, where incumbents are generally strong enough to fend off any primary challengers.

The 2012 election featured a few primary upsets however. That’s why Rove stepped in. The fact that he’s already drawn a competitor into the open means that there will be plenty of time for fund-raising, enhancing the prospects for a double-dip election windfall for broadcasters fortunate to have holdings in disputed states and congressional districts.