Response to Remerge Media article


I love what Remerge Media is doing for today’s broadcasters (8/14/08 RBR#159)! 

Smart people with great ideas for radio stations. Our company, The DollarSaver Program, is finding that radio station operators are too busy to listen to great ideas that can make them money.  They’re stuck with traditional ways of doing business and don’t have the time or the guts to make fundamental changes in order to continue to compete.  They do the same things, over and over, hoping the next new sales person they hire or the next format change will be the magic bullet to make everything right.  It’s not going to happen when you simply repeat failure after failure.   You’ve got to suck it up and move forward before it’s too late.

Lots of stations are currently selling certificates on the air through their websites, at a discount.  Its lots of busy work for the already short-staffed stations and that keeps the money from really rolling in.  The DollarSaver program is doing online business now with stations from Maine to Arizona, generating exchange based revenue through station’s websites by posting local merchant’s certificates that sell for a discount.  There’s no billing statements or affidavits to send out, never any receivables, and the certificates print out immedialty after the transaction is completed!  The listener pays for the client’s advertising, in advance, via the radio station’s website and The DollarSaver’s sophisticated E-commerce program does all the work! 

We’ve got success stories to back up our good work. One of our stations did over $22,000 in July and our Deal of the Week promotion sells out client certificates in minutes!  We’re helping stations make believers out of non-radio clients.  And our station’s audiences love it; after all they’re saving 30-50% on things they buy.
The DollarSaver program is owned and operated by broadcasters so we know the challenges of today’s broadcasting business.  We work hard to help stations make money through their websites and like the best professional salespeople, we do it on straight commission.

We think it’s time that radio stations start making fundamental changes in the way we’re doing our business and take a running leap into the 21st century.  Making money with your website is no longer a pipedream, it’s a necessity.  If radio station managers don’t start now, you’ll be left wondering why techniques that worked in the 20th century are keeping you from success today.  Do it yourself or let someone show you the way, but its time now to get a jump on the competition and monetize your audience through your website.

Rick Snyder, General Manger, Florida
The DollarSaver Program
[email protected]