Restaurants may get appetite for radio in San Diego


A local food columnist working the San Diego market is taking his act on the airwaves, and in so doing is bringing culinary talent into direct contact with Compass Radio’s KPRi-FM and its fans. The program extends column Lick the Plate from print to radio.

David Boylan is the columnist, and his topic is the restaurant and food scene in this vibrant southern California market.

He’ll host chefs and restaurateurs – which Boylan observes tends to be a lively and entertaining group – on all kinds of topics. They’ll discuss “…lifestyle outside of the kitchen, tastes in music, and where the chefs and proprietors eat and drink when they are not working” and other matters, in addition to getting into the specifics of their own operation.

“The format for this show is new and unique to San Diego,” said KPRi PDi Haley Jones. She added, “With the growing interest in food, along with the rise of chefs and owners as personalities and celebrities, people want to know more about them, and what influences their kitchens and what shapes their menus.” 

Boylan’s program will air MF at 7PM local. It’ll be an hour in length.

KPRI is an independently owned AAA station which beams its signal out over 102.1 MHz with 30 kW @ 632’. Owners Bob Hughes and Jonathan Schwartz take pride in owning and operating one and only one station.

RBR-TVBR observation: Talk about finding a way to get an in with a valuable client base – a program like this, should it catch on, could make KPRI the go-to station for any eatery with an eye on the station’s target audience.

And we suspect it’s an idea that can be adapted to just about any market.