Retailer thinks product is so cool you'll want them on your station


There is an entire public relations industry out there that attempts to get free publicity for clients, and many who offer goods and services look for ways to be featured in the media without spending money for advertising. But a company that offers ways to protect computers and mobiles devices from theft thinks its service is good enough that stations will want to schedule its people for interviews.

The company is Hi-Tech Crime Solutions, and its product is called LocatePC. It has just partnered with Sam’s Club to retail the product, giving it access to Sam’s 47M worldwide members.

What LocatePC does is give customers a way to stay in contact with their PC, MAC, iPhone or iPad if it is stolen, no matter where in the world it winds up. It allows the owner to retrieve files from the stolen hardware, and it even allows the victim to take pictures of the thief without them even realizing the photo is being snapped.

Hi-Tech Crime Solutions represents additional products, and it thinks its product line is compelling enough that it doesn’t need to book time on a media outlet, but rather the media outlet may want to book time with HTCS. Here’s what it says on the matter: “We are a publicly traded company that licenses products from other companies and individuals to retail stores around the world.  In addition we also book speaking engagements on TV, Radio and Print to promote products through the company.

RBR-TVBR observation: Hey, media is about content as well as advertising, and if your product is good enough to count on the content side, more power to you.

We had a pair of jeans stolen awhile back, and while the loss of the jeans was only a minor annoyance, the loss of the wallet, keys and a personalized pocket knife that were in the pockets was a bit more distressing. If somebody comes up with a pair of jeans that takes a photo of a villain who would make them part of a crime, we’re there – in the unlikely event that the comfort factor is accounted for and the price is right.

And if you get on a TV or radio show to tell us about these amazing thief-photographing jeans, we guarantee we won’t change the channel until you’ve said your piece!