Retrans fight in Orlando


This time it is Post-Newsweek in a standoff with Bright House Networks, a cable MSO that’s a joint venture of Advance/Newhouse and Time Warner Cable, with Advance/Newhouse as the managing partner. With negotiations stalled over a new retransmission consent agreement, Port-Newsweek’s WKMG-TV (Ch. 6, CBS) Orlando has given Bright House a March 17th deadline to remove it from the Bright House cable systems in Central Florida if no deal is reached. The previous retrans agreement expired on New Year’s Eve, but there had been extensions since then, with the current one expiring March 16. Each side is blaming the other in statements aimed at local viewers posted on their websites. As you have probably guessed, it all comes down to WKMG wanting to be paid for its programming, as has been the trend in retransmission negotiations, while Bright House wants to keep getting CBS programming for free.

“We have offered WKMG TV, Local 6 creative solutions that do not impact customer rates; they keep coming back demanding a fee that will force our customers to pay more for what others get for free,” Bright House said on its website.

“As always there are two sides to the negotiation and hopefully this site will help you better understand the details from both sides. We have always and will continue to transmit all of our programming to the Central Florida public, free of charge. Many satellite providers and cable companies both locally and nationally have already found a way to work with local stations to retransmit network programming without raising rates and still maintaining low costs for their subscribers. Bright House should be held to the same standards,” said WKMG VP/GM Henry Maldonado in his own web statement.