Retrans standoff pulls two stations off cable


KGWN-TV Cheyenne, WY could not come to terms with Bresnan Communications on a new retransmission consent agreement, so KGWN’s signals were removed from Bresnan’s cable systems in Wyoming on Wednesday. That included both the main CBS channel and a CW DTV multicast.

KGWN owner SagamoreHill Broadcasting told viewers on the station website that Bresnan has refused to pay the two cents per day per subscriber that it is asking. The TV station website is advising viewers to complain to Bresnan about the removal of the CBS and CW signals. It is also offering a $50 incentive for local viewers to switch from cable to Dish Network, which does carry KGWN on its local-to-local satellite service.

“Bresnan charges YOU a fee for every cable channel you receive. We believe BRESNAN should be willing to pay a small portion of those fees for the content we provide to them. The CBS network charges KGWN for CBS programming and the local costs of the only News and Weather Station in Southeastern Wyoming is extremely expensive. We are asking for 2 cents a day per subscriber. You pay $30.00, $40.00, $65.00 or more per month. Shouldn’t KGWN be worth 2 cents?” said the notice on the KGWN website.

“No one should be able to take any product from a responsible business for free and go down the street and sell it for a profit. That is what BRESNAN is doing by not paying for KGWN programming,” the station added.

“KGWN will work diligently in the hope that BRESNAN will complete an agreement for carriage of KGWN. Our programs include Southeastern Wyoming’s ONLY local News and Severe Weather Team and entertainment programming like Dr. Phil, Wheel of Fortune, Judge Judy, Millionaire and all the CBS programming you have come to enjoy and appreciate. We should not forget SPORTS as KGWN will continue to be the place for Denver Bronco Football this FALL in High Definition and in early 2010, the SUPER BOWL returns,” the notice said, before providing contact information for Bresnan officials (and where to call to switch to Dish).