Retransmission, tighter belt take Entravision into the black


Hispanic broadcast group Entravision experienced a 3% overall gain in net revenue during the first quarter of 2010, bringing home $43.1M compared to $41.7M during the first quarter of 2009. An increase of $1.3M in retransmission fees was credited with much of the success.

Meanwhile, decreased expenditures helped direct income to the bottom line. The company spent only $29.8M to operate the group this time, compared to $31.8M the previous year, a decrease of 6%.

Entravision owns or operates 53 television stations, most affiliated with Univision. Television net revenue was up 5% to $29.6M, and television operating expense was down 6% to $18.0M.

The 48 stations in the group came within an eyelash of perfectly flat performance. To see it, rounding must be dispensed with. It pulled in $13.428M, just slightly lower than Q1 2009’s $13.443M net. Operating expenses decreased 5% to $11.9M.