Reworked “At the Movies” sets debut


With two new co-hosts, Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz, “At the Movies” returns for its 23rd season in national syndication on September 6th. Disney-ABC Domestic Television says “At the Movies" will continue its signature "cross-talk" reviews where the co-hosts debate the latest motion picture and DVD releases with the "see it," "skip it," or "rent it" ratings system. Other exciting changes include the addition of the "Critics RoundUp" segment, which will feature the co-hosts in lively discussions with other well-respected critics via satellite from cities across the country. Also in the new "3 to See" segment, the co-hosts recommend their top three "must sees" of the weekend. Buena Vista Productions oversees production of the series, which is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. The series is produced at WLS-TV in Chicago and David Plummer serves as executive producer.