RFD-TV working on clearing Imus in major metros


RFD-TV, the Nashville-based cable channel focusing on rural America, will reportedly as soon as this week confirm what we’ve already reported-that they will simulcast Imus in the Morning from his show at WABC-AM NY, "a move that should boost their current reach of 30 million homes to more than 50 million by the end of 2008," The Tennessean reported.

Citadel confirms Imus launches 12/3.

Patrick Gottsch, RFD-TV founder and president, told the paper said having Imus would "pour fuel on the fire of the acceleration of this network getting clearances in urban markets…The biggest obstacle we’ve had in the last three years is convincing urban-based program directors in New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, and so on that they need to be carrying this ‘rural’ network. Imus helps us cross those borders."

The network says more cable carriage deals are expected to be signed within a week. "Comcast told us we are a ‘must carry’ now," Gottsch said. "They are getting so many requests for this programming."

On Dec. 1, RFD-TV is launching a second, separate network, RFD-HD, that will broadcast shows in high definition, including Imus in the Morning and, in January, The Crook and Chase Show, as well as Ralph Emery Live and the other shows produced at its Nashville broadcasting operations and production studios.