New Broadcast Connector Kits for Air Dielectric Cables


rfsRadio Frequency Systems (RFS), a designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems, has released new broadcast connector kits in North America for its air dielectric cables.

One connector will be available for each of RFS’s air cable sizes; the kits include all components necessary for installation — including the inner joining kit, hardware kit with O-ring, gas block/pass conversion, connector sealant and heat shrink tubing.

The newest connectors will be compatible with RFS’ HELIFLEX air dielectric cables, which are designed for applications where high flexibility and crush resistance are required.

The release comes as North American broadcasters prepare for the U.S. broadcast television spectrum repacking program, which will require new cables and connectors in order to transition existing equipment.


Connector kits will be available for 7/8” 1 5/8”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” HELIFLEX cables.