RFS taps Eldon Prax


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced the addition of Eldon Prax as national director of installation services and business development. Prax has over 30 years of experience in the electronics and telecom industry and a proven track record in customized technology system design, implementation, and high-end operations. He has been an integral part of the build-out campaigns of major carriers and is highly skilled in directing the evolution of technical solutions from conception through implementation while adeptly managing the needs of customers, teams and projects.

In his new role at RFS, Prax will be responsible for further developing the RFS brand and strategically bringing RFS’ value proposition to new sectors.

Prax hails from a military background, beginning his career as a sergeant in the Marines. He has since gone on to establish an impressive career that makes him the ideal fit to direct RFS’ business development strategy. He has both extensive entrepreneurial experience as well as an excellent track record in the ILEC/CLEC/wireless space, having served as director of global strategy at AT&T, vice president of engineering & operations—infrastructure delivery at Ericsson, chief technical officer at Accelera Wireless, LLC and director of engineering & operations at Sprint PCS, amongst other high-ranking corporate positions. He also founded Sigma Communications, is the registered holder of several wireless patents, and has been active on multiple advisory boards, including as a founding board member of NTCH Cleartalk, a wireless carrier operating in multiple US BTAs.

Prax’s expertise will help RFS drive the company’s presence in additional niche sectors, as well as to work with operators to help select the right products and build customized strategies for  effectively deploying LTE and other advanced wireless networks. For example, Prax will help customers deploy HYBRIFLEX, which combines optical fiber and DC power in a single corrugated cable. The compact and durable design makes it faster, easier and more cost effective to install than bringing both traditional optical fiber and DC power to the antenna and is ideal for connecting power-saving Remote Radio Heads, especially where space is constrained. It can also be used for in-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs), for microwave backhaul networks and as bundled cables in harsh environments. Prax will be essential to helping operators customize HYBRIFLEX and other RFS offerings to best meet their own evolving needs. Leading wireless carriers have selected HYBRIFLEX as part of their deployments in some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, including in one of the nation’s most extensive LTE rollouts.