Rhodes Reups with CBS


David Rhodes has been President of CBS News since 2011. A new agreement will keep him in that post through 2019. He oversees the entirety of the operation, including television, radio and digital outlets.


  1. Why wouldn’t David re up?
    His work has only begun, what a terrific comeback for the CBS integrity with those of us who have been discarded because of age which of course ties into money?
    John Stewart wants out
    I want in
    My TV special on Medical Marijuana is being taped in Buffalo, on April 15, the growing place of Cap Cities and Lowell Thomas’ dream company, I hope to have it on CBS, and while we are at it I aim to fill the spot vacated by Andy Rooney..
    CBS is the best of both worlds- the inventors of simulcast with Arthur Godfrey, and this is only the warmup for my dream- the Triplecast!
    I even like when Charlie Rose sits on the same side of the roundtable with Gayle King( did I spell her name right?)

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