Rich Lieberman moving to KSCO-AM


San Francisco media columnist Rich Lieberman has been tapped for a new commentary show that will air weekdays on Zwerling Broadcasting’s KSCO-AM Santa Cruz, CA.

Lieberman, who is well-known in the San Francisco area for covering Bay Area broadcasters on his blog “415 Media,” currently produces and hosts a show on KSCO’s sister station,  Adult Standards KOMY-AM.

In a conversation with The Desk, Lieberman said KSCO will give him complete control over his show, which will be “funny, original…what radio used to be like before everyone screwed it up.”

Lieberman’s show, which he described as “a free-form show (built) on an old-fashioned template,” will cover general interest stories alongside topics he feels currently aren’t being covered on the radio.

Lieberman’s show will air from 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. when it launches the week of 10/1.

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