Richard Lugar taking to the Indiana airwaves early


It is a fact that in the world of politics, advertising tends to beget more advertising. That is certainly the case in the state of Indiana, where longtime Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) up for re-election. He is facing a primary this time around, and has already been the topic of ads from Club for Growth.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Lugar will be on television for 10 days to counter the CFG flight.

Lugar didn’t even have a Democratic opponent the last time he ran for re-election. A Libertarian candidate was on the wrong side of an 87.4%-12.6% margin during the 2006 general election.

But members of his own party believe he is too friendly with President Barack Obama, question some of his economic votes, and further believe he has simply spent too much time in Washington.

Lugar’s ad flight answers critics and points out his long history of supporting Republican principles in the Senate, particularly on economic matters.

RBR-TVBR observation: Generally, an incumbent Senator can sit on his warchest while the opposition party sorts out who it will run, and perhaps holds a costly primary battle to do so. Getting the incumbent involved this early is highly unusual. For broadcasters it will mean more political spending than one would have expected, delivered very early.