Richmond AM goes to GM


DealPreston Brown acquired WHAP-AM Hopewell VA back in 2007 from Mainquad Communications, but now he’s giving it away. The beneficiary: The station’s GM.

The station is a Class C on 1340 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND. It serves an area to the southeast of Richmond proper, and fails to put a primary contour of the city.

Brown’s P.T. Brown Broadcast Company is donating the station to WHAP Radio Network, headed by Steve Nugent. Nugent is listed on the stations website as its GM, and his moniker, Da Truth, is confirmation that he also pulls an airshift.

The station plays Fox Sports fare along with a variety of musical and other content, including local sports.
Brown acquired the station via a deal dating to 3/29/07. It came from Mainquad Communications in a backloaded $150K deal, almost all of which was paid pursuant to a promissory note. The note called for $148K to be paid in monthly installments that grew over time and were to be concluded as of December 2010.

Brown’s deal came after an earlier sale dated 5/25/06 failed to make it to the finish line. That one, with prospective buyer Silver Dolphin Communications, would have paid Mainquad $200K.