Richmonders mad about another syndicated morning show


Listeners in Richmond, VA are ticked off that Clear Channel pulled the morning show duo of “Melissa and Sid” yesterday from Q-94 (WRVQ-FM) and replaced it with The Elvis Duran Morning Show from Z-100 in NYC. So much so that they’ve organized an online petition (See it here).

They moved Melissa Chase to afternoons (2-7 PM) and fired Sid Kelly altogether. Chase replaces another afternooner who was let go last week. Ryan Seacrest airs 10A-2P.

From the petition: “Help us bring back Melissa Chase and Sid Kelly to Q94 where they belong! We are outraged by the fact that the Melissa and Sid Morning Show on Q94 has been terminated. We don’t like how it was canceled so quickly and then to be told that it was being outsourced to New York! It doesn’t make sense that a “local” radio show is in New York City!! We also don’t like this decision because in Richmond there is very little variety in the choices of radio stations and this decision makes the variety even slimmer. The canceling of the Melissa and Sid Morning Show will surely result in a decrease in listeners because there are very loyal fans. When someone mentions Melissa and Sid you immediately think of Q94 that morning show holds that station together! Richmond (me too) has been waking up to this morning show for 6 years sharing their crazy stories, breakups, proposals, troubling family matters, new babies, marriages, cheating (War of the Roses) and even those crazy Man Segments. To me this is heart breaking, knowing that we will never be able to do that again. No one really wants to listen to someone in New York when they know they could be listening and chatting to Melissa and Sid locally. I am thoroughly disappointed that Clear Channel has fired Sid Kelly.  Waking up in the morning just won’t be the same without them.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Yes, Clear Channel is desperately trying to lower costs in this tough ad environment—and trying to make loan covenants on stations it bought over a decade ago that were much more valuable than today. But seriously, folks, let’s not implode the business altogether. Get some local folks on the air who will work for cheap or even free. Rediscover local radio!