Rick Perry's campaign bought the most radio in Des Moines


Rick Perry bought the most but Mitt Romney wins the Iowa Caucuses by a narrow margin a few votes over second place Rick Santorum who spent little in ad dollars but had boots on the ground. Ron Paul spent ad dollars and came in third. Look at the ad dollars below.

Of course, that’s the capital city and the state’s largest market. Media Monitors also released full-month December figures Omaha, Nebraska, which includes Council Bluffs, Iowa. This was the month of heaviest campaigning for the 2012 Republican Presidential Caucuses.

Rick Perry dominated Des Moines with 1,135 radio ads for the month, while Ron Paul was #2 running 419 spots. The Super PAC’s Restore Our Future campaign against Newt Gingrich ran 325 spots to land in 3rd position, while Mitt Romney for President took #4 with 258 ads. NumbersUSA Action committee (against immigration) was #5 with 164 ads and Winning Our Future – Newt Gingrich ads cleared only 96 spots to come in #6.

In the Council Bluffs/Omaha market, Perry was #1 with 1,056 spots in the month. The Restore Our Future Super PAC against Gingrich ran 278 ads to land in 2nd place, while Winning Our Future – Newt Gingrich was #3 with 62 ads. Rick Santorum for President came in #4 with 20 spots. No surprise here–Romney For President ads ranked #10 in the market with only 4 ads run.

(source: Media Monitors)