R&J builds NW Minnesota cluster


SoldPine to Prairie Broadcasting is selling a pair of stations in an unrated portion of Minnesota to a broadcaster that already has a pair of stations in the area.
The stations are KKCQ-AM Fosston MN and KKCQ-FM Bagley MN.

The buyer is R&J Broadcasting Inc., headed by Jimmy D. Birkmeyer.

The seller is headed by Robert A. Overmoe.

The price will be $235K cash. However, R&J has been paying a $4K per month LMA fee, and $3K of that will count toward the purchase price.

KKCQ-AM is a Class D on 1480 kHz with 5 kW-D, 90 W-N, ND

KKCQ-FM is a Class C3 on 96.7 MHz with 25 kW @ 328’

The buyer’s other stations in the area are KRJB-FM Ada MN and KRJM-FM Mahnomen MN. The latter station has peripheral overlap with KKCQ-FM.

The seller retains KKEQ-FM in Fosston.