RLTV premieres new travel show


“Stanley on the Go” begins 8/10 at 8PM ET on Retirement Living, the only cable network dedicated to serving the needs of adults 55+. “Stanley On The Go” is a journey across five continents.  Each trip is an experience, built not just around places, but also around events and celebrations. 

In Paris he shows viewers the Eiffel Tower, but the Eiffel Tower through the eyes of Guy de Maupassant. He also takes them for a tour of the 50,000-bottle wine cellar at Hotel George V, on a boat trip down the Seine, and even gets performance tips from exotic dancers at the Crazy Horse.  In Tokyo we see not only to the Imperial Palace and the Cherry Blossom Festival, but also a Sumo wrestling class, the teeming Tsukiji fish market at daybreak, and inside the Saguwa Express, Japan’s version of FedEx.  He interviews Geisha girls, shows us the difference between shabu shabu and sukiyaki, and eventually winds up in the mosh pit of a Japanese punk rock show.

Whether it’s investigating an arranged marriage in India or hoisting a beer stein in Munich, dodging bulls on the streets of Pamplona or rafting through rapids in Brazil, Stanley does it all with a spirit of adventure and asks the questions that viewers would ask—and some that they would never dream of asking.

Stanley Siegel has been an unforgettable media presence for over three decades.  In the 1970s and 80s his talk show on WABC ensured that he was a defining personality of the New York airwaves. He interviewed everyone who defined the era, from Truman Capote to Frank Zappa, from Patti Smith to Renee Richards. His approach was no holds barred, opinionated, and fearless—he made it personal.

To view the sizzle reel for “Stanley On The Go” see  http://podcast.rl.tv/30881small.html