Robinson Radio expanding in Richmond


Robinson Radio, a full-service radio agency is experiencing tremendous growth, which may seem counterintuitive such a traditional medium.  Founded in 10/04, Robinson Radio expects billables to reach more than 35 million in 2008.  The agency has direct clients and partners with agencies to add radio-specific expertise.  Focused on perfecting results from an undervalued medium has delivered great success for the firm and its clients.

“Radio is often underestimated and underused,” said CEO Buck Robinson.  “Radio is an older medium with the great advantages of new media:  it’s highly affordable and supports flexible testing.  Plus, radio is an extremely intimate way to deliver influential messages to very loyal audiences.  When handled properly, radio campaigns have great response rates and are highly profitable. Some clients were skeptical about radio, but we optimized their message, production and placement so they experienced great ROI, quickly and affordably.  Now they are zealous converts.”

With a current staff of 17 and expectations to triple that in two years, Robinson Radio is moving to larger office space. The company has added and promoted the following:

• Brandon Myers is Robinson Radio’s new VP/Operations. 

• Rachel Doherty has been promoted to Robinson Radio’s VP/Business Development.

• Kristen Baker has been promoted to VP/Media for Robinson Radio from Director of Media, Research and Analysis.

• Kieran Wagner has been promoted to Creative Director.

• Angela Cousens has recently joined Robinson Radio as Media Specialist.

• Jay Smack is Robinson Radio’s new Production Manager.