Rochester area AMs sold


Genesee Media Corporation already owns a pair of stations near but not in the Rochester NY market. It will come closer to surrounding the market when it brings in two AMs currently owned by Marilyn Wolfe.

There are, of course, limits to how Rochester can be approached with a US-licensed radio station. Unless you can license a station for a barge or other flotational or platform based device that can be placed in Lake Erie, there is no way to come into the market from the north.

The stations being sold are WASB-AM Brockport NY, located to the west of Rochester, and WRSB-AM Canandaigua NY, located to the southeast.

Genesee, headed by Brian P. McGlynn, will pay $450K for the stations, according to broker Dick Kozacko of Kozacko Media Services. $40K will go into escrow, another $60K will be paid in cash at closing and the seller will cover the rest via a $350K promissory note.

Kozacko noted that both stations utilize Christian formats. Both are Class B stations with 1 kW-U, DA2. WASB broadcasts from 1590 kHz, WRSB from 1310 kHz.

Genesee’s other stations are WDNY AM & FM Danville NY, located to the south of Rochester.