Roehm will not re-file suit against Wal-Mart


Ex Wal-Mart marketing exec Julie Roehm said that because a Michigan judge dismissed her lawsuit against Wal-Mart in August, honoring a provision in her  contract that requires any lawsuit to be filed in Arkansas, she would not be re-filing her lawsuit. Said Roehm: "The sole purpose for filing the lawsuit was to recover the severance pay that was outlined in that contract. I thought that a settlement agreement would be reached within a few weeks. Instead, the lawsuit has expanded into other issues, and has become more difficult and financially draining than I ever imagined."

Roehm also confirmed that her decision was influenced by the recent exchange of info between her lawyers and Wal-Mart’s, which explained the inaccuracy of certain allegations included in her legal filing, specifically allegations about Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott and Irwin Jacobs, who runs a major supplier firm to Wal-Mart. "I have decided to accept Wal-Mart’s decision to terminate my employment and move on. I am not receiving any money or other compensation to settle my case."