Roger Hedgecock goes daily with Radio America


Radio America announced the addition of The Roger Hedgecock Show, live and daily from flagship station KOGO-AM in San Diego.  The long-time KOGO-AM host will make his debut 1/5/09 in the 6p-9p ET, Monday-Friday time slot. Hedgecock’s program replaces The Michael Reagan Show, which has anchored that spot for the last five years.

Hedgecock is a columnist and an author of the recently published three book series: The 2008 Conservative Field Guide to: # 1. Immigration, # 2. The War and # 3. Healthcare.  He is also a frequent guest on Hannity & Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor and other Fox News Channel Shows, on CNN’s Lou Dobb’s Show and on MSNBC. His proven track record also earned him the preferred guest host position on The Rush Limbaugh Show for over a decade.

We spoke to Reagan on his future plans: "I am going to be announcing a new syndication deal, in the coming days. It will represent a real opportunity to take this show to places it hasn’t yet gone and to reach listeners who will be new to the Michael Reagan Show. It will be regarded by some as bold and maybe even a little risky, but I have never been one to play it safe whether it was shaking up the DC establishment,  hosting my show, setting world records racing powerboats,  or talking about my very unique life story. Radio America has chosen to go with a very experienced local talk host who is intimately familiar with Southern California’s most pressing issues– and I wish them well in all of their endeavors."