Rohrs fires of brief backing NAB DTV strategy


In jurisprudence the concept of a friend of the court filing is commonplace. Here is an example of the same thing in the regulatory realm, as Television Advertising Bureau’s Chris Rohrs took to his keyboard to persuade FCC Chairman Kevin Martin that the NAB’s plan to educate consumers about the DTV transition is not in need of federal intervention.

"I have reviewed the comprehensive DTV consumer education plan proposed by NAB and endorsed by broadcasters, both large and small, across the country," he said. "In fact, I was among those who supported the plan when it was initially presented on October 15, 2007."

He said that the NAB plan is "well researched, thorough and thoughtful." He added, "I respectfully suggest that a mandatory ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to consumer education will be significantly less effective than the broadcast industry’s flexible, multi-platform plan capable of responding to the particular circumstances found in television markets throughout the country."

TVBR/RBR observation: Rohrs echoed what TVBR has been saying all along as to why it is highly unlikely that NAB and broadcasters will fail in this task. Since we usually put this observation here, we will quote Rohrs saying it this time: "Simply put, the broadcast advertising business is dependent on viewers watching television, and advertisers reaching them with effective messaging to sell their products and services." We’ll put it even more simply. Broadcasters cannot afford to fail. So they won’t.