Ron Jaworski language hits the fan during ESPN MNF broadcast (video)


ESPN color football commentator Ron Jaworski let the moment get away from him following a botched pass that could have gone for a touchdown and let the s*** fly. He later apologized to fans. It happened on the 9/12/11 broadcast of Monday Night Football.

He was describing a play attempted by the Miami Dolphins. Here is the quote in question: “That’s one Chad [Henne] would love to have back. He knew he had the one-on-one matchup going down the right sideline. S***, you have to get rid of this ball just a split-second quicker.”

The Dolphins lost the game to the New England Patriots by a score of 38-24.

RBR-TVBR observation: Is this an example of selective outrage from the many language/decency nannies out there? We wonder because we haven’t heard any complaints, nor could we find any. But imagine if a rock star or shock comic – one known for questionable social behavior and with a local interest in a team — was in the booth and said to Jaworski, “Ya know, Jaws, you don’t know s*** about football.” Would we be hearing massive complaints under those circumstances?

The sad fact, if you believe the nannies, is that the damage is done. Millions of children watch football on TV, and now their souls have been infected and their futures compromised by their exposure to this foul language.

Even if the FCC is powerless to punish ESPN because the game was on cable (although possibly it was also available on local broadcast in the Miami and Boston areas), you’d think the nannies would still call out Jaworski and ESPN, not to mention wail and moan about how sad it is that such a thing could happen under the leadership of a company like ESPN parent Walt Disney Company.