Ron Lundy dead at 75


RBR-TVBR reported on Ron Lundy’s failing health last week. Now the famed New York City top 40 DJ has died at age 75.

According to Ted David on the website, Lundy died Monday in a Mississippi hospital after suffering another heart attack. His wife, Shirley, said Lundy had rallied for a while and that she had read every message from well-wishers to him – but then Monday’s heart attack claimed his life.

An obituary on WCBS-AM noted that Lundy’s voice was heard on the 1969 movie “Midnight Cowboy” when the character Joe Buck arrives in New York City. And reporter Wayne Cabot noted that Lundy’s approach to radio made others want to enter the business “because Ron made it fun.”

Ron Lundy had a long career in NYC radio on WABC-AM and then WCBS-FM before retiring in 1997.