Ron Paul ad is double intramural salvo (video)


Not only is the latest television ad from the Ron Paul presidential campaign a Republican-on-Republican attack, it is also a Texan-on-Texan attack. That is because Paul, a member of the Texas US Congressional delegation, is taking on the state’s governor, Rick Perry.

The ad highlights Paul’s long-ago relationship with President Ronald Reagan, and contrasts that with Perry’s later support of the presidential campaign of Democratic 2000 candidate Al Gore.

“Congressman Paul has an unparalleled record of championing true conservative principles,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “Dr. Paul’s ideas of limited Constitutional government, sound money and balanced budgets have won the day.”

“Other candidates are trying to parrot Dr. Paul’s principles, but their records prove they cannot be trusted to live up to their rhetoric. Dr. Paul is the only candidate with the credibility and integrity to restore America now.”

The Paul campaign plans to buy “substantial” airtime in early campaign states Iowa and New Hampshire, and will further the ad’s circulation by attempting to place it on a wide variety of internet locations and via the email lists of conservative and Tea Party organizations.

The ad can be viewed here.