Ron Paul betting big on early 2012 states


If there’s one thing that the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary can do to a presidential candidate field, they can winnow the herd. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has been through this before, and he’s opening up his warchest in an effort to score big in the front end of the 2012 Republican presidential derby.

According to Politico, Paul is planning on pulling out a cool million to push his candidacy in the two earliest states. The three-week campaign will focus on local broadcast, national cable and will also include internet and direct mail elements.

The goal is to make sure Paul is in the upper echelon of candidates as the primary season moves forward.
There will be three separate television spots used during the period.

The Paul campaign believes that a good showing at the front end of the schedule will make their candidate impossible to ignore. It also is expected to focus on the differences between Paul and fellow Texan Gov. Rick Perry.

RBR-TVBR observation: Not only is this a lot of money, it’s early. Political spending begets more political spending. The earlier it starts, the more time candidates have to raise and spend more money. And when one spends, it forces other to follow suit or fall by the wayside. This is a clear sign of yet another banner political year for broadcasters.