Ronning Lipset Radio enters partnership with Corstarr


Ronning Lipset Radio announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Corstarr, the technology company behind the proprietary ad serving technology, Adcor.  For online audio broadcasters, it allows them to set up one or multiple radio channels in their ad system, and schedule ads to run in their entire network or on specific channels for maximum gender and demographic targeting with accurate day-parting scheduling tools.

Adcor's scheduling algorithm is able to intelligently pull "appropriate" audio ads based upon specific ad targeting needs, and ensures that the clients' stations won't serve up more ads than they are commissioned to run. For advertisers, the system allows them to receive reliable third party validation and tabulation of their audio ad impressions; view real time reporting hourly, daily, weekly or monthly; view and monitor specific channel performance in online networks with multiple channels; view click through rates with synced banners; and more.