Roof collapse at WGAL-TV studios


WGALA portion of the roof collapsed at Hearst Television’s WGAL’s (NBC) Lancaster, PA studio 2/14, forcing an evacuation of the building. No one was injured. The collapse happened around 3:20 p.m. Friday. Employees in the newsroom heard what was described as a “thunderous boom.” A portion of the roof in an adjacent studio that;s no longer in use had collapsed, reported WGAL:

“Staff called the fire department who responded and inspected the damage. Around 4 p.m., fire officials ordered about 100 people to evacuate.

Further inspection revealed that a concrete support beam and slab had shifted and dropped. As a result the entire roof of the building had been compromised.

WGAL is still working to bring viewers the news. WGAL crews are still covering the news and weather.”

Saturday morning, a crane was at the bureau along Columbia Avenue in Lancaster Township. A crew was hoisted in a basket to examine the damage and begin removing snow. It’s still unclear when employees will be allowed to return.

See the WGAL-TV story here, which includes pictures.