Roseanne plans to try radio again at bigger station


While Roseanne Barr's show "Roseanne Talk Live" ended its run on KCAA-AM San Bernardino, CA on 6/15, she wrote on her blog that she planned to return to radio.

"I only signed up for fourteen weeks, at KCAA in order to facilitate making a demo reel, and practicing being a talk show hostess," Barr wrote on Todd Rowan, sales director for KCAA, said the station enjoyed having her.

"We had a great ball having her on the air, and we're very appreciative," he told The San Bernardino Press-Enterprise. Barr said she "would be available and ready to go to work" with her reel in September and would be ready to go to a bigger station than KCAA. She also mentioned working with John Argent, her sidekick on the show, as well as her son Jake.