Roth Radio Group launches in NYC


Roth Radio Group (, a marketing communications company dedicated exclusively to developing radio advertising strategies and solutions for clients, launched on June 18th.  Based in New York City, the newly formed company will serve clients nationally by focusing solely on radio as an integral part of their marketing communications’ efforts.

“Today’s economic climate makes this the perfect time to launch a company focused purely on delivering everything radio offers so effectively,” said Ernie Roth, co-partner at Roth Radio Group. “Over the years, radio’s unique targeting capabilities, unbeatable affordability, and unmatched timeliness has led each of us, as principals, to specialize more and more in the medium. We’re passionate about radio –and we know how to use the medium to get results for clients.”

The principals at Roth Radio Group have a combined 49 years’ experience working in radio. According to Mark Lefkowitz, co-partner at Roth Radio, the medium is more effective now than ever and needs to be re-emphasized to companies as they plan their mar-com efforts. “Consumers aren’t the only ones tightening their belts these days,” said Lefkowitz. “Companies also want to reach their customers as cost-effectively as possible. Radio reaches 93 percent of the total U.S. population and is heard by more than 232 million people every week. Thanks to its relatively low production and media costs, nothing else even comes close.”

Roth will offer a full menu of services – “everything clients would expect from a full-service agency,” according to Roth – including nationwide, cost-effective media placements at significantly discounted rates; creative services such as writing, casting, and production of radio commercials; customized, branded programming; “value-added” programs including large-scale sponsorships, promotions, contests, and giveaways; highly-visible participation in radio stations’ event marketing programs; and development of appropriate programs to take advantage of stations’ digital assets, such as podcasts, websites, webcasts, email campaigns, and more.

The company’s “one-stop/full-service” approach is designed to meet clients’ desire for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and efficiency. “When a client needs an ad, we can create a script, cast it, and produce a spot in a matter of days, maybe even hours if necessary,” says Peter Saluk, a producer at Roth Radio Group. “You walk into the studio, and walk out with a high-quality commercial and ready to air and designed to get immediate results.

Roth Radio Group is a division of Furman Roth Advertising, a full-service agency with offices in New York and New Jersey. For more information about Roth Radio Group, visit; or contact Mark Lefkowitz at (212-687-1288) or ([email protected]).