Rovi, Ford collaborate on digital TV ad program


This is the third campaign Ford has placed on the Rovi Advertising Network in the past year and more evidence that interactive television solutions are growing with advertisers: Rovi said the next effort, launching in September, is a comprehensive digital TV campaign that will reach and engage consumers with multiple campaigns including the F-450 Super Duty truck, Focus, and now its Lincoln brands.

Lincoln launched a campaign for the MKX Crossover SUV 6/1, featuring its intuitive technology experience designed for consumers and will continue its efforts with a MKZ campaign in September.

The Rovi Ad Network engages consumers while they’re seeking live, recorded, on-demand, cable or network programming on Rovi TV guides. By clicking on a banner on the guide, television viewers are transported to an interactive TV viewing experience where they are able to view photos, play videos and dive deeper to learn more about the Ford-450 Super Duty truck, Focus, and/or the smart technology, 305 horsepower and striking interior and exterior design of the Lincoln MKX and MKZ. Rovi has also worked with Toyota on similar campaigns

In 2009, Rovi Corp. (formerly Macrovision Solutions) and TNS Media Research began work on the development of advanced TV and set-top-box measurement solutions. The alliance joined Rovi’s clickstream technology with the reporting capabilities of TNS to enable rich measurement, including consumer viewing across live, recorded and on-demand TV programming, as well as consumers’ use of interactive program guides. TNS measures the performance of advertising in Rovi IPGs in participating cable systems.

“The Rovi Advertising Network provides an impactful medium for us to communicate the innovation behind our car brands while also enabling us to highly target and measure our audience reach,” said Brian McClary, Social & Emerging Media Specialist, Ford. “As we continue to evaluate leading-edge methods for increasing brand awareness for Ford vehicles, and based on the success of our earlier Ford campaigns, the Rovi Ad Network stood out as a natural fit for achieving scale as well as consumer engagement.”

Using their remote control, consumers can instantly request additional information as well as find a nearby dealer location to test drive and view the car in person. Jeff Siegel, SVP/advertising at Rovi ,says they plan to continue to grow the Rovi Ad Network across a set top boxes, connected TVs, media players, mobile and tablet devices, and PCs.

The Rovi Ad Network now reaches more than 40 million households globally with Smart TV platform ads running on a range of connected devices. The addition of an online platform through industry-leading entertainment sites, and, continues to expand the Rovi audience for advertisers.