Royalty Bill Passes House Committee


Being the minority business owner of One Ten  Broadcast Group, three small market radio stations, I was disappointed in the decision of The House Judiciary Committee earlier [yesterday] morning. I would like to know where the committee got their figures on small market radio stations where they state the change would cover 90% of the minority owned stations and 77% of all radio stations. The cost of insurance, utilities, music license fees, payroll, regulatory fees, repair’s and upgrading of equipment is more than $100,000.00 a year.

Lamar Smith who opposed the bill was correct in noting that it would be premature to pass this without a study that would provide information on stations like mine on what they really could or could not afford.

A star is no different than myself and for some reason it appears that “star power” had a great deal to do with this ludicrous decision. They were allowed to be heard at hearings but the minority, women owed and small broadcasters were not. It might be noted that the stars appearing on behalf of the bill write their own songs thus it is really double dipping as they already get paid by us thru BMI, ASAP and SESAC. In my opinion and those I have spoken too, this is not at all fair or impartial.

In closing I can only hope that the House and Senate members will realize the effect this will have on their hometowns or America as these labels are foreign owned, not American.  With our economy the way it is, we are all struggling to keep afloat and this is going to cause a major disaster to my employees as this will cause me to downsize and also cut my community base accounts. IE  Loss of jobs, less community service……all for foreign countries?????….Can you explain that? I can’t!

–Linda Jones, President, One Ten Broadcast Group