Individual Non-Comms Can Now Choose Nielsen CDM Option


Thanks to a new pact announced Wednesday (4/8), non-commercial stations that are members of the Radio Research Consortium (RRC) now have access to Nielsen  Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) tools.

The RRC is an independent, not-for-profit research firm designed to provide audience data to non-commercial radio stations. Founded in 1981 by Tom Church as a 14-member alliance, RRC subscribers have grown to number over 600 public radio stations and more than 100 religious non-commercial broadcasters.

In addition to serving radio station managers, programmers, development professionals and underwriting personnel, RRC works with radio program producers, distributors and networks, as well as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR and Public Radio International (PRI), among others.

RRC contracts with Nielsen to produce local market audience estimates, and on-commercial radio in CDM markets will now have the ability to license monthly data estimates.

RRC says the noncomms can use this data for underwriting, programming and marketing purposes.

With NPR member stations among the overall audio consumption leaders in markets such as Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C.; the deal could prove highly valuable for key noncomms in these markets. Furthermore, religious broadcasters that may also be members of the RRC are now able to benefit from obtaining the data.

“Having access to Nielsen Continuous Diary Measurement will help us further our mission as we continue our commitment to provide audience data to non-commercial radio stations,” said RRC President Joanne Church. “As non-commercial stations seek underwriters, and plan programming and marketing strategies, we are now able to provide them with the sophisticated insights that put radio on a level playing field with other forms of media.”

Nielsen Audio Managing Editor Brad Kelly noted that the RRC is “another important organization in the audio space.” Speaking of Nielsen’s deal with the RRC, he added, “The diversity of the radio industry ecosystem requires advanced analytics and we are excited that Radio Research Consortium has found Continuous Diary Measurement to be an indispensable part of their measurement capabilities, affirming the utility and value of CDM to non-commercial radio.”