RTNDA cites website progress


Broadcast news operations are getting much more sophisticated in their use of the internet to enhance their on-air news product, but a new RTNDA/Hofstra U. study finds that many are not yet comfortable online.

The survey found that television stations were starting to make more extensive use live newscasts and audio streaming, and that radio stations were adding video, pictures, streaming audio and podcasts to their sites.
However, 38% of news directors said they did not feel entirely on top of the new technology yet.

Dedicated web staffing levels are on the rise, but most operations rely on many who work on both broadcast and internet product, and the number of broadcast employees given additional web responsibilities also continues to grow.

The primary reason website users go to their local station’s website is to get local news and weather.

“The latest RTNDA/Hofstra University study holds a mirror up for us to see the immediate need for more editorial supervision and management vision when it comes to our news web sites,” said RTNDA Chairman Stacey Woelfel.  “These sites have never been as important as they are now and are, of course, a primary path for us to deliver news to our audiences–now and even more so in the future.  This research gives every news director in America something to examine in his or her own newsroom.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Everybody says that the internet is the big new medium that’s scooping up everybody else’s revenue. But the good thing about that is there is nothing preventing broadcasters putting up a great web presence and sharing in that bounty.