Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs to unveil iPad newspaper


The Wall Street Journal, which is owned by News Corporation, reports that company CEO Rupert Murdoch will unveil “The Daily,” News Corporation’s digital newspaper for the Apple iPad, next week. Joining him will be Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

News Corporation has been tight-lipped about exactly what The Daily will be, but it is said to be investing $30 million to get the project running. That, of course, is peanuts for News Corp., which had revenues of $33 billion last year.

The WSJ report says Murdoch showed samples of The Daily to selected people at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

RBR-TVBR observation: We have been critical of Murdoch’s efforts to charge consumers for access to online versions of his company’s traditional newspapers, which appear to have done little but damage the brands and drive readers away. This digital-only venture may be a different story – but it will only work if the content is truly unique, desirable and priced right.