Rupert Murdoch serving lunch to critic Media Matters


Liberal media watchdog Media Matters recently participated in and won a charity auction. The prize: Lunch for MM’s founder David Brock and five of his friends with News Corporation’s mega media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

The auction was conducted online to benefit the Global Poverty Project. The lunch with Murdoch ended up costing Media Matters $86K.

The auction was handled by a website called Charity Buzz, and according to Media Matters, it described the prize as a “once in a lifetime chance to sit with self-made billionaire Rupert Murdoch, face to face over a friendly lunch and get his feedback first hand on your proposed business ideas. Valid for a total of 6 people.” The event will take place in New York at a time and place to be determined.

Brock said, “I look forward to this opportunity to have a friendly lunch with Rupert Murdoch, along with five of my invited guests. I will soon contact Mr. Murdoch’s office to determine a mutually convenient time and place in New York.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Normally we’d say something like, “We’d pay for tickets to this one, if they were available.” But in this case, since Media Matters’ raison d’etre is to publicize such things, we suspect we’ll find out everything we want to know about it.

Check that – we’ll find out everything Brock wants us to know. But it will be more than a fair fight – Murdoch has more than enough media empire at his disposal to make his views of the encounter known.