Rural DTV bill moves forward


Ted Stevens (R-AK) is crowing about a House vote that ratified his Senate legislation releasing NTIA funds for the clue in rural, elderly and minority citizens on the details of the upcoming DTV transition. It also will help defray the DTV upgrade costs of LPTV stations. The Senate approved the DTV Transition Assistance Act (S. 2607) 6/19/08 and the House’s unanimous second sends the bill forward to the White House.

“Congress has taken an important step to educate residents of rural and remote areas and the elderly about the upcoming DTV transition and converter box program,” said Stevens. “Many Alaskans depend on over-the-air broadcasts, as do many Americans, and we must ensure that they are prepared for this transition next year.” Addressing the LPTV portion of the bill, he added, “In Alaska, there are hundreds of low-power television stations which are often a community’s only broadcasting source. This legislation creates a reasonable time frame for these stations to receive the funding they need to make the switch to digital signals.” 

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