‘Rush Limbaugh’ in Honolulu hospital suffering chest pains


Rush Limbaugh is now in Queens Medical Center in Honolulu complaining of chest pains. Happened Wednesday, 12/30/09 Mid-afternoon, 2:40pm Hawaii time. All reports have Limbaugh resting comfortably and would send the night in the hospital for observation.  

KITV-TV first reported on Limbaugh who was at the Kahala Hotel and Resort, a short distance from where the Osama’s were staying. Reported on CNN that a hospital source stated at the time of Limbaugh being admitted that his condition was ‘serious’ but there were no further details, which most likely will be made available after a series of test are conducted.

Chest pains mean the heart’s arteries are experiencing some form of blockage which is easily remedied. But the tests Limbaugh will go through will be extensive starting with the basics of an evaluation of Limbaugh’s description of his pain: What does the pain feel like? Does the pain occur with exertion and so on.

Over night and most likely today Limbaugh will have gone through a number of Cardiac Tests which include EKG, blood tests Chest X-Ray, Blood Oxygen Levels etc. before any diagnosis is delivered.

According to local news accounts the good news is Limbaugh was awake and sitting in a chair when paramedic arrived and reports stated Limbaugh told the paramedics he was taking medication for back problems. What medication is unknown, which could be a contributing factor to the chest pain, but again a full workup will be needed.

RBR-TVBR note: Rush is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, a division of Clear Channel, on 600 radio stations around the USA. Last year Limbaugh extend his contract with Clear Channel through 2016.

Publisher Jim Carnegie has known Rush since 1973, they worked together in Pittsburgh at 14-KQV radio both as on-air talent when Limbaugh was then known as Jeff Christie. Later Carnegie became program director and was the PD that fired Limbaugh in the Spring of 1974. When Carnegie left the Steel City and in Spring of 1975 went to Kansas City, Limbaugh, after long absences in radio Carnegie rehired Limbaugh and brought him back into the radio business to do mid-days at KUDL AM/FM.

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