Rush Limbaugh leaves NYC, Veep wishes he was going further


Radio icon Rush Limbaugh has finally moved his piece of Big Apple real estate, a penthouse on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. And his name came up on NBC late Friday 7/9/10 in a conversation between VP Joe Biden and Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

He had to reduce the price to get the condo sold – according to the Wall Street Journal, the original asking price was about $13.95M. That number was dropped by $1M, and the best guestimate is that the final price was in the $11.5M range.

The upshot of the sale is that Limbaugh will be spending even more time at his mansion in Florida.

Biden, however, thought an overseas destination would be preferable. Asked about the recent spy swap with Russia, Biden said he was not the one who suggested returning Anna Chapman, whose looks made her the oft-publicized emblem of the spy ring.

According to The Hill, Biden said, “Let me make it clear, it wasn’t my idea to send her back. I thought maybe they’d take Rush Limbaugh.”